Bituminous Emulsions

Emulsion plant
Lagan Bitumen manufacture a wide range of bitumen emulsions at their facility in Blanchardstown, Dublin 11. All emulsions are supplied in accordance with EN 13808:2013 and for Irish customers NRA RC 380 Table 1.

Bitumen emulsions are a versatile product for road construction and maintenance. The table below summarises the most common applications as per NRA RC 380 Table 1:

EN 13808, Table 1, EN gradeNominal gradeSuggested use
C 72 BP 3Super Premium PolymerSurface Dressing
C 72 BP 3Premium PolymerSurface Dressing
C 69 B 3Cationic 70%Surface Dressing
C 69 BF 3Cationic 70%Grouting October to April
C 65 B 3Cationic 65%Patching & Tack Coat
C 40 B 4Cationic 40%Tack Coat
C 60 B 4Cold Mix & Recycling
C 65 BP 4Slurry Seal
C 65 BP 3Bond Coat

PX2000 for Surface Dressing

Px2000 is the trade name given to the Polymer Modified Emulsion manufactured by Lagan for surface dressing. Px2000 is available in premium and super premium grades.

The addition of Polymer to Bitumen enhances its properties, such as:

  • increased ductility
  • increased softening point
  • increased viscosity
  • increased tensile strength
  • increased cohesion strength

Polymer modified emulsions are particularly suited for surface dressing:

  • Heavily trafficked roads (National Primary / Secondary and Regional)
  • Highly stressed areas of all roads including:
    • junctions
    • roundabouts
    • winding stretches of road
    • steep stretches of road / climbing lanes
    • urban areas (town and city streets)

The advantages of using PX2000 as opposed to conventional 70% CBE, include:

  • longer life surface dressing achieved
  • improved adhesive strength
  • improved cohesive strength
  • improved tensile strength
  • better tolerance to road temperatures
  • breaks faster than conventional 70% CBE – earlier trafficking
  • application is the same as unmodified emulsions

Polymer Modified Emulsions for Bond Coat — Neoflex:

Lagan Bitumen produces a high performing and quick breaking Polymer Modified Emulsion — Neoflex, ideal for bond coating: