Quality Materials and International Contracting

A leading provider of road surfacing and contracting services, based in Ireland and the UK, and operating internationally in both the public and private sectors. With a heritage spanning over 50 years, the Lagan Group companies rank among the leading quarry materials, bitumen, construction products and civil engineering companies in the market. The Group is focused on ongoing investment in innovation, product development and the delivery of leading edge quality assured products and projects to the benefit of its clients.

Lagan Asphalt Group Ltd has evolved from a successful quarrying company formed during the 1960s to become a diversified and leading Group of independent and privately-owned construction, manufacturing and civil engineering companies. Investment in manufacturing plants, diversification, R&D, innovation and selective acquisitions has seen its quality product range grow continually over the last generation. Lagan products include bitumen, asphalt, aggregates, special surfacing products, sand and screeds. Contracting services span diverse civil engineering activities with notable expertise in the construction and surfacing of highways and airfields.

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Lagan’s driving objective is the consistent achievement of customer satisfaction and trust through the delivery of quality and reliable expert services and a comprehensive quality product range. This focus on excellence transcends the group and its people and has ensured the development of innovative, responsible and sustainable best-in-practice research facilities, policies, procedures and processes across our companies and the achievement of all relevant professional accreditations.

Focused diversification, ambitious expansion, ongoing reinvestment, organic growth and a carefully targeted acquisition programme have helped it to optimise its offering for existing customers while confidently developing winning relationships in new markets and regions.

The strength of Lagan Asphalt Group offerings is best illustrated on a divisional basis: