Social Responsibility

Lagan Asphalt Group is always mindful that it operates in a community and therefore has a valuable role to play in supporting and engaging with our local neighbours and making sure our operations make a positive contribution to the locality.

Aside from the social and economic benefits of offering local direct and indirect employment, the management at Lagan are very focused in practical terms on ensuring that there is minimal potential for nuisance of any sort for our neighbouring community arising out of our activities.


sustainabilityLagan Asphalt Group realises the effects and impacts its activities can have on local communities and environments in the execution of its activities.

Social Progress which Recognises the Needs of Everyone:

Lagan Asphalt Group will respect the needs and cultures of communities and Countries in which it is working. The Company will endeavour to maximise its use of local labour and local suppliers.

Effective Protection of the Environment:

Lagan Asphalt Group has implemented an Environmental Management System which is third party certified as meeting the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 standard. The Company will on all contracts, complete Impacts assessments on all planned activities and ensure that control measures are implemented to mitigate any or potentially adverse environmental impacts.

Prudent Use of Natural Resources:

Lagan Asphalt Group will seek to minimise waste production and will establish a site waste management plan (SWMP). The Company will plan all activities giving due consideration to the efficient use of energy and materials.

Materials required and used on each contract will be obtained from environmentally friendly sources wherever possible.